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California (California), knows how to party (knows how to party)
California (West Coast), knows how to party (yes, it is)
In the city of L.A. (city of L.A)
In the city of good ol' Watts (good ol' Watts)
In the city, the city of Compton (city of Compton)
We keep it rocking (keep it rocking)
We keep it rocking
- 2 PAC California Love
Yes I’m just back from a family vacation, now we’ve just jetted off for a few fun days in LA sourcing new fantastic fashion pieces for (plus a little play time)!!
The last time I was in La La Land was in my music tv days to interview Coldplay for their Viva La Vida album release, Kelly Rowland and the Pussycat Dolls LOL! 
I’ve many friends from the entertainment industry that I’ve worked with over the years calling LA home now, and I love hearing their fantastic tales of the ‘hustle’ and celebrity sightings everywhere, now it’s my turn!! From my memory of LA you just accept that the strange weird and wacky all co-exist in harmony, you don’t have to dare to be different- it’s a given. I know I always hope that a little bit of the place I’m visiting rubs off onto my soul so I carry it with me forever. That’s the great thing about travelling outside of your given country- it really gives you perspective on how living your life really has no rules or boundaries. It’s only your self imposed quirks that can possibly hold you back!
Keep scrolling for a few items I’d love to be packing in my luggage for the week in L.A all available now in-store!
Stay tuned for updates, and for the next week get 10% off all orders with the code LALALAND, just apply at checkout!
Remember that postage will be delayed while we’re away, all purchases made will be express shipped at no extra cost from the 16th OCT, so not too long to wait for your new gems!!!!

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