At AceyAcey we also sell as a consignment agent for clients wanting to recycle their wardrobe.


- Percentage is 40% of final sale price which is agreed upon with you. Prices may change due to demand, all prices are negotiable.


- Payment is made weekly to client.


- As the seller I cover all fees associated with the sale (overhead, online auction fees, hosting fees etc). 


If you live in Sydney AceyAcey can arrange an appointment to view suggested items, otherwise we can work over the phone/ email, stock sent to AceyAcey is at the client's expense.


A time frame can be set upon, and if stock not sold we can negotiate continuing sale time, AceyAcey can purchase remaining stock at an agreed price, or you can have items returned to you.


Contact AceyAcey now through the CONTACT page of the website for more information or any enquiries.

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