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This week my clan finished watching Parks & Recreation- all 7 series and I have to say I’m sad the experience is over!! Yes we were late bloomers to discover this hilarious show set in the fictional US town of Pawnee and all the crazy cats that live there, but nonetheless I’m so glad we decided to to give it a go all these years later.
Two of my fav characters from the show are Donna & Tom, both over the top and so loveable. Once a year they have a social day named TREAT YO SELF,  which to them is better than any Christmas or Thanksgiving. The day is all about splurging on yourself, and these oddball companions go everywhere they desire chanting ‘TREAT YO SELF’. They live it large for a day, and why not!! A day like this in your life should be essential in my opinion where you can forget practicality and live it large!! Needing a 3 hour massage ‘TREAT YO SELF’, or needing that new Chloe blouse? ‘TREAT YO SELF’!
At we have such an array of designer and vintage thread all ready for your ‘TREAT YO SELF’ day. Got a tax return burning a hole in your pocket?? TREAT YO SELF!! Feeling a little blue? ‘TREAT YO SELF’. Here’s a few new additions we guarantee will give you that warm fuzzy feeling, and don’t worry, when buying sustainable preloved you’re guaranteed to be getting yourself a treat that won’t have you panicking when balancing your budget!!
PS: Use the code TREATYOSELF at checkout for 10% off your order for one week!!


Scanlan & Theodore







Scanlan & Theodore

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