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Last week my son Jed said to me ‘Are you assuming my gender??’!!! What the??? I let him know that yes at this point in time I was assuming his gender as I did give birth to two boys and he was one of them LOL!!! Gender stereotyping is a hot topic in every way right now, with fashion right at the forefront on how we think about presenting ourselves be it the male or female or otherwise.
More and more brands are going beyond the gender stereotypes of old and designing not with a male or female aesthetic in mind, but rather one collection with same same aesthetic. Have you noticed over the past few years that runway shows have now become up to 50% mixed gender on the catwalk? This isn’t to save a few $$$ and only hold one event, fashion houses are putting out ranges that are so balanced between masculinity & femininity it does make absolute sense!
Fashion seems to be going more gender neutral in every way.  In recent weeks a great example is the the controversial front cover of Vogue with it-couple Gigi & Zayn pictured below wearing each other’s wardrobe saying that was their take on being gender fluid…..whatever your take is this is becoming the norm for the mainstream, not just the glam pop hero’s of old who always liked to mix it up!

Feel like getting a little more gender neutral for your wardrobe? At we have so many diverse pieces that we promise will look just ace on you or your male fashionista, you’ll just have to stop your guy pals from raiding your wardrobes! Keep scrolling for a few of our fav’s.(We’ve added few dresses below will be for your eyes only …)

Remember to mix it up! Life’s more interesting that way!


 Scanlan & Theodore

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