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While I’m sure most of you have already seen the entire ‘Game Of Thrones’ series to date, or read the books, I’ve finally after much persuasion commenced the ‘Game Of Thrones’ journey and so far I’m finding it all pretty disturbing. I’m not being dramatic with my reaction- it just really is very, how you say, ‘in your face’ from start to end!!
The violence, sex & twisted story-lines of the life of royalty in the Westeros and beyond, is just so damn bleak!! Compelling- yes it is. Inspiring- well I’m not quite sure it’s up my alley. Give me the risqué storylines of ‘Sex & The City’ any day over some of the plots I’ve witnessed so far in the series LOL!!! (I’m not going into detail but you know what I mean…).
One element of the show I do love watching is the breathtaking outfits by award winning costume designer Michelle Clapton. Royalty of that time really knew how to dress with some drama!!. Putting the adventures of the Lannisters, Starks and Daenerys Targaryen to one side, I read a funny article the other week interviewing Michelle who revealed that most of the fur seen donned on the actors in the series are rugs cut up from IKEA!! Winter in the Southern Hemisphere is almost done but it’s not a look I think you’d see many people rushing to IKEA to grab for themselves….
When modern day royals make a public appearance the ‘look’ they choose can send the internet spiralling into meltdown with people around the world wanting to get their hands on ‘that look’. 
Are you a Royal family fashion lover? Was Diana your style icon? Or is Duchess Kate Middleton or our own Princess Mary more your bag? At we have many a frock worthy of a royal outing, keep scrolling for a few of our fav’s just added!!
I’ll keep persisting with the ‘Game Of Thrones’ series, I’ll report back if I make it through!!

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