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Last week I was lucky enough to see NYC comedy veteran Jerry Seinfeld live in Sydney. He’s in brilliant form putting on the funniest top witted stand-up comedy show I’ve seen to date! It was so weird to have him live front & centre rather than sitting on the couch at home with his crazy NYC world playing out on the tiny screen!
Most of us grew up on the adventures of Jerry, George, Kramer & Elaine with the show appearing on our television’s way back in 1989. It changed the way people talked, joked and even the way people dressed! (Other than the classic pirate shirt moment above that Jerry appeared on a talk show wearing stating ‘I don’t wanna be a pirate’!! ). 
Elaine is said to be the main influencer of fashion at the time and sparked the ‘normcore’ trend. It's a look best described as the clothes your dad wears when he goes to the mall. You know, ill-fitting jeans, fleece vests, flat sandals or white sneakers that are all about comfort. Before we all knew it, we were well into the 90s and pretty much we all had a little bit of Elaine in our daily style! That said fast forward to 2017, and the 90s is here again and if you google some of her looks they are bang on what’s happening now in fashion!

I was left with the need to go and experience New York again, one of my most loved places on the planet! It truly is one of the most inspiring and exciting cities to experience! I’m really hoping that 2018 will bring such a trip!!!


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