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‘If you feel good about who you are inside, it will radiate’ Patti Smith
Every year like clockwork, festival season kicks off in Oz with the brilliant Bluesfest in Byron Bay. Festivals can make you feel alive. When the music gets started standing in the sun (hopefully..) with your favourite company amongst thousands of others, and world class acts playing for you live, there’s no feeling like it! When the shows are really good they remind you why year after year you make the pilgrimage to see live music as opposed to just being happy with what’s on in your car or stereo at home. 
This year, 41 years after releasing her debut album ‘Horses’, Patti Smith is hitting our shores to headline Bluesfest, for what she said is the last time playing the iconic and much revered record live. This all seems so on point right now in light of the current world climate, and the struggle by women to finally get equality across all facets of life; the timing of this feminist voice to tour couldn’t be more relevant.

Patti made a name for herself in the 70s NYC poetry circuit, sticking it to the men who would yell at her to ‘get back in the kitchen’. Fearless. Confrontational, and no way ever conforming to the expectations of the times she grew up in. She never wanted to be a poster person for the feminist movement, she just didn’t want to feel bound to conform to what people thought she should be doing. Patti just wanted to be Patti. She always said that women who got caught up and hung up on injustice made them mediocre instead of great!

At the just turned age of 70 this punk icon is still as relevant than ever in her style. Now a more elegant yet still individual take on fashion, Patti is one person whom doesn’t care about preserving time or her image, but living life and enjoying what she has achieved and what she is still able to accomplish!

Hopefully many of you will to get to see this Punk rock priestess live, and if not hopefully be going to enjoy some live music at different points throughout 2017! We have some great Patti inspired finds available now at, and plenty of items perfect for a music weekend away, keep scrolling for a few faves.



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