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‘Why not live in the moment, especially if it has a good beat’- Goldie Hawn
Last weekend I went to a trivia fundraiser at our kids school where the theme was ‘Hollywood Glamour’. A girlfriend said you should go as Goldie Hawn which I thought was a fab call!! I love my fashion nostalgia so I decided to go for the late 60s early 70s Goldie look for some fun! Her style in that era was a kinda non-strung out Edie Sedgwick look.   When Saturday rolled around a close friend Marnie who is a fantastic makeup artist (dressed below as music siren Katy Perry)  transformed me like it was 1969, and the results were fab!! (Hope you think so, hubby is Maverick AKA Top Gun LOL!)

Goldie is one of the planets most loved actors & comedians of all time. Movies like Shampoo, Saving Private Ryan, Overboard and Cactus Flower- which won her an Oscar in 1969 and proved her comedic prowess! When googling images of Goldie, I also learnt she’s tipped to play Amy Schumer’s mum in an upcoming movie ‘Mother/ Daughter’ , I can’t wait to see that duo together on the screen!
Throughout the decades Goldie’s style has always been fashion forward and unique. Valley of The Dolls style in the 60s, bohemian and cool in the 70’s & 80s, and even now as a mother and grandmother at the fantastic age of 70, she still rocks a bare shoulder look like no one else! (The pic below where Goldie is in the leopard shirt and mum jeans from 1983 you could mistake for an Equipment x Kate Moss Campaign pic!!)

Want to weave a little Goldie from all decades into your wardrobe, has some pieces that I’m sure will have you also feeling a little Hollywood glam on your next outing? Keep scrolling for our pics!
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