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‘The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you’ - Coco Chanel
In Sydney we are now approaching mid-winter. Whilst it’s been a mild one to date, we’ve still had our fair share of cloudy and rainy days. I’ve been finding myself drawn to dressing in brights to radiate a little sunshine on these bleak days! 
Colour makes us feel alive; colour attracts us to things, and colour uplifts us when feeling a little grey! Vivid colours make me feel optimistic and alive, and the pop of a bright hue in your closet really is a godsend in those black & white moments. If you’re a little all-white minimalist ‘Virgin Suicides’ kinda gal, why not add a little colour to your outfit to make an eye-popping statement instead!
Whatever your colour crush may be, it brings out our personality in some shape or form.
Reds, oranges and yellows can evoke the feeling of warmth in some, and anger in others, while cool colours like blues and greens give the feeling of serenity and calm. When feeling rattled the best way I think to feel a little ‘cooler’ is to look at the season’s colour palette and work out which colours turn you on! There’s a rainbow bright of options out there to pull even the bleakest dresser out of their monochrome mind-meld!
Not sure what colours are right with you?? You can get on trend and wear the full rainbow spectrum in one ensemble, or why not learn more about what colours are right for you!! Here’s a handy spinning little rainbow you may remember from school art class -- I know I used it for quite a few art assignments back in the day (I won’t say how long ago..). This circle of colour is going to serve as your grown-up guide to dressing in hues. It shows what matches what, or if you are into clashing your brights, will also serve your purpose! Trust me, it’s foolproof and very handy!!


We’ve been busy at adding some fabulous colourful items ready for your wardrobe, keep scrolling for some of our fav’s!
Colour your world.


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