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‘Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it’ Confucius

Since creating, I have met many many like-minded women who love fashion as much as I do!! I’ve dedicated years to the art of shopping, and how I want to style myself. If ever there was a school on the art of fashion therapy I think I’d be the Dean!!!

 After exploring boutiques all over the globe, admittedly at times convincing myself ‘I must have that’ whilst calling the bank for a second mortgage-  which really is the same feeling you get when you open a chocolate bar and promise you’ll only scoff down one square, or that third martini you think you need, LOL ;  truth be told, you can find luxury pre-loved items from top designer labels that are still current season if you do a little chic research and don’t impulse your money away!!! 

The saying ‘one person’s trash is another’s treasure’, really is true in the world of pre-loved clothing. Reasons people part with fantastic pieces can be anything from the style not right for them to worn once to an event and can’t be seen in it again, wrong size and can’t return, or simply a fashion faux par for their own personal taste. Fashion ‘bloggers’ are sent countless items to snap themselves in, and when they do an instagram sale they sell out of their pre-loved garments in a second!!! Or it can be as simple as fashion-conscious individuals wanting to recycle their own wardrobe to make an OS shopping trip more viable!!!

Some fantastic examples of shopping pre-loved come from some of the most iconic fashion looks. Carries tutu in the opening titles of Sex In The City was found by stylist Patricia Field for $5 in a discount bin at a vintage store, as was Kylie Minogue’s infamous gold shorts, found for 50p!!

There are so many reasons now to start thinking a little more ethically when it comes to fast fashion. We have to start redefining what the value really is when making our fashion purchases. Fashion companies are being scrutinised more than ever on how their products are made, and people are very aware of their accountability when adding to landfill. When you shop pre-loved and vintage I know the feeling is that of getting the item you want whilst doing my bit to help the environment!

At we’ve found some fantastic vintage finds, and some gorgeous statement pre-loved designer items that really won’t break the bank!!

Keep scrolling for a few ideas, and we we’re offering 15% off with the code PRELOVED for the next week!!


PS I just saw the trailer to the new Ab Fab movie, out August, OMG can’t wait to go on their new fabulous adventure!! More on that later………


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