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I get highs, to be totally honest, in second-hand shops. My hunting instinct, I expect, really kicks in. Björk

Last weekend I went to the launch of Björk Digital for Vivid Live at Carriageworks in Sydney. Vivid always put on a fantastic program for young and old, challenging our senses of how we perceive art, technology, music and the theatre of it all.

This particular exhibition is a curated program of Björks art using the medium of music videos and including a series of virtual and augmented reality videos. After 20 years working as a programmer in music television I was very interested to see what this unique character would put together!!

For the launch weekend Björk did a two-night DJ set for 5 hours, playing the soundtrack to the visuals we were experiencing.  We all crammed in to catch a glimpse of the lady of the night behind her decks, but in true Bjork style, she was hidden in what seemed a jungle of pot plants on stage, so it was very hard to catch a glimpse of her in action :(  But regardless, the people watching at this event were truly inspiring!! It was a real mixed bag of style tribes (like a new friend we made pictured below) , which showed in my opinion Björk is one of those artists whose eclectic, sometimes mainstream, menagerie of music   does influence the aesthetic of many!

I thought it was worth acknowledging the mysterious, bazaar, yet compelling fashion of this musical genius!!

We all remember the swan number  pictured above Björk famously wore to the Academy Awards in 2001, and Joan Rivers was quoted as saying ‘She belonged In an Asylum’ (god love her!!), well it’s come full circle with MOMA NYC honouring the artist with exhibiting the dress there for a special retrospective on her diverse career!!

Whatever your opinion of Björk’s style, we need inspiring icons to push what fashion is and create new trends that the fashion industry in turn interpret it so we can all feel a little Björk, Bowie, Boy George, Madonna, Kurt Cobain, Stevie Nicks or whatever you think your tribe is most aligned to! I’d much prefer these creatives than some other ’social media icon’ that try to tell us all how we should look LOL!!

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