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“How do you say Haute Couture??”
A few weeks back I found myself in the unique situation of a free weekend! Kids away on a music camp + husband overseas for work = I was off the hook from all of life’s responsibilities, and I must say I felt 20 again!!
I decided to go and do a spot of shopping (of course) for some essential (and non-essential) bits and bobs.
I raced to the city and spent my time at make-up counters, sipping coffee, and (mostly) window shopping…..
I pride myself on being totally up-to-date on all the local and international designers, and I have my favourites I seek out regularly for my next fashion fix! More often than not this is all done with the convenience of the World Wide Web, the most practical option, plus once you know your size and fit in a designer I’m of the belief you don’t need to try on; if you love their design aesthetic you know it’s going to be a winner.
I went into one store seeing all my fav’s wrapped in in one room, jackpot!! I immediately enquired where their IRO pieces were, and was surprised that I didn’t know how to pronounce one of my most coveted brands! I always pronounced literally as I-R-O, and I was corrected quickly, ‘oh you mean ‘eero’.
I immediately felt like Eliza Doolittle in the movie ‘My Fair Lady’ being corrected for the most basic of grammar, and I was too scared to ask about any other brands they had in stock in case I got that wrong as well!!
I’ve been doing some research into brand pronunciation and sure enough, I’ve been getting quite a few of my wardrobe designers wrong!!! Here’s a few phonetic tips for you when asking if your fav designer is in stock:
Prabal Gurung: Praw-Bal-Goo-Roong
Balmain: Balh-Mahh
Sonia Rykiel: Swen-Yah Ree-Key-el
Commes des Garcons: Kohm Da Gar-Sohn
Dries Van Noten: Drees Van No-ten
Moschino: Mos-Kee-No
Peter Pilotto: Pee-ter Pill-ah-tow
Isabel Marant: Isabel Ma-rant
I hope these little tips help in your next boutique experience! At we have a bunch of new items added from these and many more fantastic global designers to add to cart, a few of our fav’s below just keep scrolling!
PS: Free shipping on all Aussie domestic orders for the next week, just use code SHIPME!
Peter Pilotto


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