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‘David Bowie’s influence in music extends undeniably into fashion’ -Jeremy Scott , Fashion Designer
It was an exciting weekend in the Moor household! We’re all massive fans of David Bowie, and like everyone on the planet, devastated by his sudden passing. My youngest Jed cried for a week, and was upset that he would never get the chance to see him live with me!
 So for his birthday Simon and I bought him tickets to the Bowie tribute show at the Opera House with the Sydney Symphony, and he was just thrilled! The concert was fantastic with performances from Aussie icons such as Tim Rogers, Iota, Steve Kilby and the list goes on. It was a real coming -of-age moment for the kids, and so glad to experience it with them.
We put on some Bowie records on Saturday to get into gear for the show, and Jed immediately started to think what he would wear; his Bowie T-shirt and leather jacket, we went to get his nails painted bright blue and red, then he had me draw the Bowie lightning bolt on his cheek in respect to the legend!
It’s so true that music really does influence your taste in fashion at every age and gender, and the trends you ultimately shop for . If you think about all the stores you go into, be it a thrift store or high end designer, the music really sets the scene for what that shopping experience is going to be- and more often than not for me my shopping success
Thrift shops tend to have easy listening radio on, Richard Wilkin’s smooth voice intro’ing tracks like ‘The Greatest Love Of All’ by Whitney  whilst H&M makes me feel like I’m entering a night club at midnight, and is often far too noisy to even think straight to make a purchase!! I’m happy with a little ‘so-french-so chic’ kinda sounds to swoon my wallet.
I was going to start making a Spotify playlist with tracks of the week from all my shopping experiences to stream on but I haven’t gotten around to it yet!
As I’m on the topic of David Bowie, we’ve selected a bunch of items this week, we think are worthy of a Bowie experience to add to cart. So sit back, put on your fav album - I’m thinking the Hunky Dory’ record, track ‘Life On Mars?’ and you’ll be inspired in your shopping experience! 
Alice McCALL

Dannika Zen

Frame Denim

Ginger & Smart

Karen Walker

Lover The Label


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