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I am becoming far more considered when hitting the stores!! More times than not of late I’ve left home with a mind to purchase something as a quick fix for a special outing, only to come back empty handed!! I can honestly say I’m so proud of my mind’s changing state when it comes to my fashion sensibilities!!
Spending a little more on a quality item will in the long-run help you save money and give you a fashion piece that you can wear for many years because it is made well and doesn’t date. Or failing that you can resell through businesses such as because being of quality means that it will hold its value!!!!
You all know I started due to my love of fashion, recycling & reducing waste in the world, but like anyone on the planet I’m ‘tempted’ by the allure of a new somethin’ somethin’ to boost my next occasion’s look. Sure it mightn’t seem to be doing any ‘harm’ getting that much needed skirt you’ll probably only wear once, but have we really evaluated it rationally??  When you think about the sustainability factor alone of that item you’ll realise that you’re better off shopping with more forethought! Seminal quality fashion pieces do cost a substantial amount more- but the longevity of the item and the re-sale value of that skirt or jacket if you decide to part ways makes far more sense on all levels!
Most of us find it hard to snag that designer piece brand spanking new, but when shopping preloved it opens up a whole new world of possibilities with your outfits wow factor! At there are thousands of pieces up for grabs from stylish ladies all over the globe who for whatever reason want to move on their beloved item to a new home. Have a search around the site & we promise you’ll find that piece of gold you’ve been waiting your whole life to own!!!! Keep scrolling for just a few of our current fav’s!
REMEMBER!!!! We’re having a @aceyaceyeboutique POP UP THIS SATURDAY if you’re in Sydney!! Get yourself to the Marrickville Town Hall on the 1st June between 10am & 3pm for the Round She Goes fashion market!! I’d love to meet you all and have a fashion chat! Its a fabulous market & we’ll be bringing an amazing selection from! Full deets at or @roundshegoes.
See you there!
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