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Isn’t it amazing!! This weekend we finally find out what happens next with our Shero’s  of Monterey California when Big Little Lies Two hits our screens!!!
We can assume that things are about to unravel in all their lives quite dramatically since Zoe Kravit’s character Bonny pushes Nicole Kidmans’ character Celeste’s abusive husband down some stairs to his dramatic death at the very end of Season One. We’ve had a peek of Meryl Streep as Celeste’s mother-in-law, & a few snaps here and there on Insta from the show’s stars looking effortlessly chic on set!
Each character on the show’s style is so unique to whom they are playing, and really is a master stroke from stylist Alix Friedberg, a celebrated LA based costume designer. Though at first glance many would think it a simple task to design costumes for a show about contemporary, affluent women in a picturesque California town, much of what the characters in Big Little Lies communicate about themselves and their world is expressed through their fashion choices.
Each character in their diverse community has a signature style and colour palette, from Woodley's character Jane, the young, single mom trying to make ends meet, to Dern's aggressive and wildly successful Renata who is constantly dripping in designer threads. Alix scored an Emmy for her work on the show last season and I’m so excited to see how the characters will be presented to us this season! Expect to see more of Friedberg's work that has helped give the show its unique, dreamy quality while also showing that there's always more than meets the eye, both in fashion and in life.
Don’t you love getting together with your crew, work colleagues or community and seeing how each individual’s personality somehow shines through in their outfit? We all pursue the right look in our day to day to express the person that we are & want to be. Style is seated in all of us & comes out in a rainbow of ways! Whatever way you see yourself is a fantastic place to let your style imagination run wild!! With thousands of preloved designer & vintage pieces to choose from, you’ll be decked out in the perfect you!!! Keep scrolling for a peek of what’s new in store this week!!
Happy viewing & shopping (of course)!!!
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