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This week I finally made some time in the calendar to check out the new flick out by the makers of Love Actually, ‘Yesterday’, & it’s a bunch of fun! You all know the plot of this glowing tribute film to the Beatles; hero character & musician wannabe Jack Malik is hit by a bus, and when he wakes up he’s the only person on Earth that remembers the Beatles. He becomes a global superstar, hangs out with Ed Sheeran & it’s a real singalong of music nostalgia.
His stereotypical L.A manager in the film brings in a stylist to work on his image & says the best line ever when Jack asks questions why he does need any image. She fires back ‘The lack of image becomes the image’! What a line!
If you really think about it, it’s true! We all circumnavigate the world of fashion which is vast & varied, and somehow we generally pinpoint exactly how we like to be perceived. Are you a wild cat? Laid back? Forever casual? Or do you like to mix it up depending on your mood? We should never judge any book by its cover, and I know myself I don’t, yet I sometimes feel like I could be one getting judged….
I read another great line on the Manrepeller blog this week ‘All of our lives are, if we’re lucky, one long unfolding of ourselves, a paper chain of subtle evolutions’. This can totally apply to one’s image evolution don’t you think? I’ve been looking through some family albums to solidify my thoughts on my own fashion evolution and man it’s been a wild ride!!
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