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July always seems like a great time to hit some warmer climates and inject a shot of festival fun into my life, and I have to admit I’ve been dreaming of an escape over the past few weeks so Splendour In The Grass can’t come fast enough.  For those of you reading this from outside of Australia, Splendour In The Grass = Australia’s Coachella. It’s been a hard and fast year to date between work and family, like I’m sure it has been for many of you, so a few days with friends & family, fantastic music & fun in the sun (hopefully) in Byron Bay is my saving grace!!
So while I’m distracted with these fun thoughts I think it’s the best time for a look at outfit options for the weekend ahead!! Festivals have historically been about more than just the music. Music is the tie that binds the event, but they are a broad celebration of all art-forms be it visual, sensual or physical. Fashion plays a major role in a festival environment. Its not about social validation these days with the millennials, its just a perfect opportunity to express who they truely are in such a free-spirited environment, and the clothes formula chosen will of course set the tone for the weekend ahead! The combination put together mightn’t necessarily make sense to anyone but them, but who cares right??
After watching Season 3 of Stranger Things I’m feeling nostalgic & might channel a little Winona Ryder from the 90s for my festival attire, after all its actually my current dress code at the moment! Winona’s 90s style like other movie & sitcom stars of the time really capture my current fashion mood. The look is not only practical, but strikes an emotional flashback to the fun I had with my 90’s dressing !!
Scroll down for my wish-list from, I’ve excavated through the site to find just a snippet of the best festival finds we have in-store at the moment!! Use the code SPLENDID for 15% off your entire order for one week, just apply at checkout!!
Isabel Marant Etoile
Band Of Outsiders
Enza Costa
Spell & The Gypsy

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