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Have you ever thought there’s more than one way to be labelled a fashion victim? Do you see this phrase as that of someone who dresses head to toe in the latest fad styles on offer every season, often way overdone and not daring to wear anything that could be seen as so last week? Well I now know an entirely new meaning that’s more about fashion being a hazard to your health rather than an eye-sore!!
We all remember Sex In The City’s Carrie Bradshaw falling on the catwalk in the Season 4 episode ‘The Real Me’ after a heel snap malfunction had Heidi Klum walking over her!! She famously became known as ‘Fashion Roadkill’!! Well I have a tale that goes one step further….
One of my closest girlfriends Mel was up for a visit last week & pointed out a nasty scar on her chin. She is beautiful & one whom loves to dress for an occasion but you would NEVER refer to her as a fashion victim. She is simply one of uniqueness & glamour. HOWEVER, a few weeks back after a fun night out, Mel was more than ready to just jump into bed but had to deal with taking off her cool new jumpsuit! There is never a quick or easy way to take off this hot & versatile style, especially a button front, which can take so long to navigate especially after a few vinos… Trying to take a short cut, unbuttoning it half way then struggling to take it off the poor thing fell, hit her chin on her basin and nearly knocked herself out cold!!! The outcome was a chin that needed stitches and a case of concussion. Ouch!! This definitely brought new meaning to the definition of ‘Fashion Victim’!
Mel will recover from her horrifying ordeal, but take this cautionary yarn as a warning- and be sure to think about all factors of a night out before selecting your chosen attire. It really could save you from one hell of a headache later on…I’m so glad that so far my only injury due to fashion is a blistered heel!!
Of course at we have plenty of fashion choices in stock that are definitely a pleasure to wear, and we promise won’t cause any damage to your health!! Keep scrolling for a peak of what’s new, and in honour of the beautiful Mel use the code JUMPSUIT for 10% off your order for one week!!
Stay safe & fashionable :)
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