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Here we are a few days away from August. What a month it’s been yet again in my part of the world!!! There’s no doubt the crap pandemic we are all being affected by in some shape or form is going on and on and on….& will for some time yet unfortunately.
Restrictions are really a drag. I really feel not only for my kids, but all children who are missing out on milestone moments in their lives. I know there are worse things than missing out on that special birthday party as one example, but the fact is they will never get that celebration back.
We all have to hold strong as a community to get through this next phase of the delta variant, and I’ve found regular exercise, family time, staying connected with friends, sleep, music and martinis really makes a positive impact on my mood. And how could I not mention my puppy Lonzo and cat Mazzy!!!
Of course another mood lifter for me and I’m sure all of you is fashion!!! Thanks to all of your ongoing support my little luxury recycling biz is going from strength to strength! There are so many luxury new additions you just must check out! Keep scrolling for a snippet of the latest.
Lockdown lifter? Use the code LOCKDOWN20 for 20% off your order, valid one week!
Love to you all
PS- latest shot of Lonzo at 5 months in his lockdown luxury scarf :)
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Christian Lacroix Vintage
Longchamp X Jeremy Scott
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