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What are we now in Sydney’s latest lockdown?? Week 5? 2021 was a but of a false dawn wasn’t it….
With many of us grappling with our emotions during the lockdown, the way we feel and speak about our clothes has altered too.
Late last year two new words were coined in two US publications to describe our new attitude to fashion. They’re a modern way to articulate the stresses and mundanity of lockdown, but also the changing relationship we have with our clothes. To have a humorous edge definitely helps to alleviate the lockdown gloom.
The New York Times penned the word “hate-wear” referring to clothes that are “neither stylish nor particularly comfortable, yet constantly in rotation”, items worn for their utility rather than their style. How many of you are in that cycle at the mo?
US magazine Esquire , meanwhile, came up with the term “sadwear”. It’s a collective term for clothes that make us feel better when we’re sad, specifically born out of the existential ennui of lockdowns!
Yes that could mean clothes for comfort, but it could, equally, encompass something unexpected or luxurious, depending on how it makes the wearer feel.
I do concede though, that sadwear could never really compete with a night at the pub, but anything could help right now!!.
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Stay safe
Nicholas Kirkwood
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