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‘Fashion is like a party. Getting dressed is preparing to play a role’ Yves Saint Laurent
Parties parties everywhere and too much fashion to choose from!! My eyes have been feasting on socials for style ideas in preparation for a glut of parties coming up on the social calendar. Each occasion calls for a different time of day, different kinda place & totally different vibe! Every look scenario & there’s just so many ways you could skin this cat that’s for sure! I know that mood at the time is the biggest factor above all when getting dressed for the more carefree occasion; bloated, feeling fine, tired, can’t be bothered…. but a party- well friends that’s different! Hide as you may try, there is no escaping the entry… 
I know at a couple of the upcoming fiesta’s I’ll be seeing some people from a distant past and damn, I want to look fine! Can you blame me? Everyone has the same thought I”m sure  when running into that childhood bestie you’ve not seen in 25 years and wanting to be in your best form ever. The biggest nightmare for many- that they may appear to have turned into some kinda ‘mumsie’ shell of their former selves.
The best way forward is to target what makes you feel excellent at a social gathering other than the obvious alcohol confidence booster, and it comes down to friends and fashion I say!!
Anyone else have a full social calendar looming? At we have so so many new excellent party choices whatever the vibe may be. Keep scrolling for some of our fav pieces that we  guarantee will have you be the belle of the ball or whatever event may be. They’ll become a staple friend to your closet that will help you through the best of times!
Party On Dudes!!

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