Is 90’s cool just the 80s in sheep’s clothing?

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‘On my darkest days, I wear my brightest colours’ Cindi Lauper
Throughout our lifetime, we are all defined in some way or another by the era in which we live. Whether it be the food we consume, ideals we aspire to, the music we listen to and of course the way we present ourselves in a fashion sense. 
The older I get (ho hum), I love witnessing everything old become new again. Be it 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s, people still identify themselves with a style tribe from an era that they may not have existed in. Through imagery & storytelling we fall in love with the aesthetic of that time.
At the mo everyone is saying everything is about the 90s- but frankly everything I see from street style to fashion week it seems the 80s and 90s have melded into a new, super-powered hybrid form of fashion!! Music feels exactly the same way. I’ve been listening to the new The XX record (which I must say is fantastic), and even though they are styled 90s as a band, the music is definitely that of the 80s genre, even sampling Hall & Oates on one of the records stand out tracks.
Its funny how these two era’s were always deemed the tasteless years in fashion, but now all the characteristics and flaws that go with shoulder pads and ‘mum’ jeans are revered as the new cool.
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