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As the Aussie sun sets across our fine nation I hope you’ve all had a fun all-day rally with your ‘mates’ throwing a few ‘shrimps on the barbie’, sipping on fine domestic wines and beers, listening in to Triple J’s annual Hottest 100, and had a good hard reflection on what it really means to be an ‘Aussie’ in 2017.
Its a long time since  Australia and it’s people were only known for ‘Paul Hogan and Vegemite’ thank goodness!!  We’re well and truly a multicultural mixed bag with immigrants from all over the globe deciding to call Australia their home, and everyone brings with their heritage a new interesting and unique contribution to the Aussie way of life.
When exploring  some of the globe’s great cities, be it New York or London, it’s the open-minded take that they have on the world with immigration which make them some of the most fantastic and dynamic places on the planet.
This summer is proving to be a long long way from cooling off (sorry to rub it in to all of you on the other side of the planet freezing your asses off), with some of the highest temperatures ever recorded thus far (hello global warming), so over here at we’re adding more and more summer-centric additions to the store. We’ll have you covered literally for every possible diary event you have planned- Laneway Music Festival, dinner dates, bbq’s, beach days, or just lounging around in style!!
We’re offering free express shipping on all Aussie orders with the code ENDLESSSUMMER, just apply at checkout!
Bobo Choses

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