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This week I’m thinking gifts! Yesterday I celebrated my wedding anniversary with my husband of now 14 years, plus 6 years on that working out where it was all headed for us!! Two kids later, growing and changing together, it’s fantastic we have made it through life still loving and respecting each other’s companionship. 
It’s been like a shopping circus trying to figure out what I should get my beloved to mark the day. Gifts for women I’m an expert in, but I must confess shopping gifts for a man is hard!! Looking at what the traditional gift was for 14 years wed gave me options of ‘ivory’, so an elephant print neck tie perhaps….or non-traditional gift was ‘gold’. Again he's not a ‘gold ‘ kinda guy so in the end I have planned a weekend away down the south coast to create some more happy memories.  There is a vital difference when Simon has to shop gifts for me; I constantly spam him with fabulous pieces I adore in case he is at a loose end of what to buy!!!
Needing a gift for someone special? For you?? at we have many a fantastic piece to choose from. New frock or special stand out accessory? Here’s just a few items I would love to be gifted!! 
What about some stunning Dolce & Gabbana heels!!


I just love this Gucci Vintage belt, goes with everything.

I’ve had my eye on this House Of Holland dress since it arrived to the store!!

This Isabel Marant Metallic lace top is to die for!!

And what about this fun Lola boho dress, it will take you everywhere this summer!

Make sure you forward this email to your own beloved for your next special day. Hopefully they’ll get the idea of what you’re needing!!



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