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‘’Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it’
Yves Saint Laurent

Last week I got to play dress up to attend a glamorous YSL event at the Town Hall in Sydney. When I received  the invite it took me back to 1987 where I attended a YSL retrospective with my Mum at the AGNSW, paying homage to the fashion achievements of this extraordinary designer. 


I was studying textile and design at school and it really cemented my love of fashion. I still have the exhibition book that my mum bought me there sitting in my bookcase, which I often flick through.


I love the excuse to dress up! I’m normally a jeans tee and sneakers kinda girl day to day;  practical with kids and running your own small business. Be that said, I hope I still look somewhat stylish in what I choose!!!


I found this fantastic IRO Paris frock to wear, which fit the dress code of ‘Rock Chic Attire’ perfectly (hope you agree!!) :)


There’s always such a choice when looking for that special outfit for a wedding, date night, special event, girls night out- hell there’s always an excuse to style up occasionally!! has some great frocks for all occasions available to add to cart, I’ve picked  a few of my favourites that are waiting to make someone out out there feel just ace in it!!


We’re offering free shipping on all orders over $100 with the code FREESHIP for the next few weeks, so make sure you take a look!!


Til next week






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