Paris, je t’aime.

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‘Love, light, peace: This is what we have to find, inspire & share’

Christian Lacroix’

The entire world and indeed myself mourn the deaths of the innocent in the recent senseless killing of so many in Paris. With more and more coming to light in the aftermath of the terror attacks, one can only hope that the world might one day again continue to live with the joy and freedom we have the right to as human beings.

I have been to Paris many many times in my life, both for work and play. Many memorable experiences were made filming amazing bands whilst working in music television,  and travelling with my husband exploring every aspect of the city. My last two recent trips were with the family, renewing our 10 year wedding vows at Pont Nerf , and just two months ago we wandered the beautiful streets where the merciless terror strikes occurred. 

Paris is a true melting pot of cultures, the people are beautiful and welcoming and of course unique. It is without doubt the city of style we all imagine from abroad, and I’ve always been drawn to French design when filling my wardrobe.

The French are strong and fiercely protective of their culture , and I have no doubt that their tradition of values will live through this.

Let’s all celebrate France’s tradition of style and fashion, and deck yourself out in French from head-to-toe to salute this amazing nation, and indeed the city of style, Paris, je t’aime.





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