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‘I want to be Barbie, the bitch has everything’

I had a massive collection of Barbie dolls growing up. I had every type of Barbie; Malibu Barbie, Superstar Barbie, plus the caravan, pool, horse, Ken doll and many other Barbie accessories. She was my muse like millions of others , even Andy Warhol payed homage to the queen of the dolls. This is definitely where I started to develop a real interest in the art of fashion!

Last week the Moschino Barbie launched and already is sold out.

According to Jeremy Scott, creative director of the Italian luxury label, the limited-edition Moschino-clad Barbie was gone in less than 60 minutes. He announced on Instagram, "MOSCHINO BARBIE SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN AN HOUR ! WOW ! BARBIE AND I THANK U FOR ALL THE LOVE !”

In case you missed your chance at getting the doll, which retailed for $150, the accompanying eight-piece capsule collection, which includes human-size versions of Moschino Barbie's outfits, is still available — just at a higher cost, with the pieces priced between $225 and $1,595.

Because if you can't have the actual doll, at least you can still dress like her, right? has many Moschino items recently listed, and I’ve priced so anyone can afford their own piece of fashion history, and play dress up just like when you did with your Barbie!

Check them out !

Moschino Jacket

Moschino Jacket

Moschino Jacket

Moschino Leopard Jacket

Moschino VTG Pantyhose

Bright skirt
Moschino Skirt

Vintage Cap

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