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I’ve spent years exploring fashion boutiques all over the globe, admittedly at times convincing myself ‘I MUST HAVE THAT’ whilst calling the bank for a second mortgage- which really is the same feeling you get when you open a chocolate bar and promise you’ll only scoff down one square, or that third martini you think you need LOL; truth be told, you can find luxury pre-loved items from top designers that are still current season if you do a little ‘chic’ research and don’t impulse your money away!!
Here’s a few tips I’ve picked up along the way on navigating the world of preloved !
1. Do Your Research


Whilst scanning socials and magazine spreads for all the latest trends in progress, look at the designers and styles of clothing that are most appealing to you. Then get on the WWW and enter keywords like ‘Isabel Marant Jacket 2016’, and see what magic appears before your eyes. With the stroke of a key you may have found that exact jacket on a site/ store that someone has worn once to a function and can’t possibly be photographed in twice, or are about to be evicted for snapping yet another wardrobe rod under the weight of their precious clothing (no joke I did that!!) often saving you over half the current retail value! 

 2. Size Matters

 Shopping on-line can be hard if you don’t know your size in a designer. Not many of us can jump on a plane to sip wine and nibble on cheese to get to our fav Parisian store; as long as you look at the measurements provided by your seller you won’t go wrong. Global sizing charts are available everywhere on-line, and it’s one of the biggest questions I have from buyers at

 3. Postage/ Exchange Rates

 Living on the other side of the planet to the USA and Europe can prove to be difficult for the pre-loved style set here in Australia. It can cost a week’s food bill when sending a bulky item, or it could take ten weeks to get here and then you’ll never get that puffer vest in time for the winter blast!! I always look at what’s avail from Aussie sellers before I look to other countries for that beloved addition. Another savings tip,  if you have found the seller for you see if they combine postage, buying a few items will save you in the long run, you might as well buy the whole outfit.. am I right????

 Always keep track of what currency you are about to purchase in, something worth $100 US is a fair bit more in AU, as will the postage rates.  And ALWAYS remember whether shopping domestically or internationally that the seller provides full tracking on your items, it’s even fun just watching the progress of your precious cargo arriving!!

 4. Faking It

 If something is too good to be true, quite often that is the case!  eBay and luxury sites do have sellers which are selling high-end designer clothing and accessories without enough proof what they are selling is indeed genuine. Make sure once you’ve decided you want that Hermes Birkin that you know where it was sourced, authenticity numbers from the item and their return policy.

 5. Decoding the Description

 Make sure you know what you are buying….is it an item never worn, slightly worn, very worn??? Some pre-loved sites put up a snap of a gorgeous model in the item you are coveting, but fail to list  an image of the actual item on sale with the garments current wearability clearly stated. Sure you may be buying a Chloe dress, but if there’s a hole under an arm, or a giant cocktail sauce stain from missing their mouth, you need to know what you’re getting for your money!!

 6. Do Your Bit!!

 There are so many reasons to start thinking a little more ethically when it comes to fashion! We really do need to start redefining what the value is when making our fashion purchases. When you shop pre-loved and vintage you really are doing your bit of cutting down waste on the earth, and that’s got to make you feel inspired to get out and shop some more!!!

 At we are all about pre-loved and vintage! Here’s a few designer items selected from the boutique which are not only smart buys, but buys you would normally only dream of!!! We are all about top quality, authentic clothing, with easy returns policy and world wide shipping rates that don’t sting!


Bluegrass vintage


Comptoir Des Cotonniers

Ginger & Smart

Isabel Marant

Joanie Loves Chachi


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