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‘My momma always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.’ -Marilyn Monroe
Well yet another Mother’s Day is upon us in Australia. 
I love Mother’s Day!
A good friend once said to me Mother’s Day is their favourite day of the year. Unlike a birthday, where it means another year older, Mother’s Day acknowledges you for no other reason than that you are AWESOME, and you are recognised by the special ones in your lives’ for helping their world turn!! (At least I hope they think that!!!). 
I’ve been a mother now for nearly 12 years (yikes!!!) to two wonderful boys. Both very cool and so far so good with everything the world has thrown at them.



I thought I’d put together a list of some of the cool bonuses of being a mum, here’s a few: 


1. Unconditional love

2. Watching your kids grow up
3. Getting to go and watch Marvel films; whilst the kids are amazed by the characters and special effects, I can sit their amazed at the beauty of the actors in the roles @robertdowneyjr @chrishemsworth @renner4real

4. Reading books you loved as a child in public and getting away with it
5. Getting more involved in the community

6. The excuse for a glass of wine every evening (‘I need it I’m a mum’)

7. Swinging on a swing at the park and not being judged that you’re on drugs

8. Sliding down a slippery dip; refer #7

9. Cuddles

10. Fun family holidays

Of course there are so many more fantastic things about being a mum that rock my world, I’m glad I made the decision with my partner all those years ago to just do it!!


I bought myself an early present ahead of Sunday, a great new book I saw was just out by Clare Press- Editor of Marie Claire mag in Australia. It explores the hot topic of ethical dressing, the waste with fast fashion, and how we can all look at how we are shopping to help the planet. was created hoping to help the world in my own  small way to re-use and recycle plus the bonus of affordable luxury fashion. Since launch it has been encouraging to know through sales and feedback how many people are looking at different ways to get their fashion fix.


After a last minute gift for you mum or yourself to celebrate on Sunday to add to breakfast in bed like Marilyn above? Here’s a few suggestions from us that we know we’d love to be gifted!!

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