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‘I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect. They are much more interesting’- Marc Jacobs
When you organise a get together with some of your oldest and dearest friends, it can often take a ridiculous six months to pull it off with everyone’s busy schedules due to  family, work and life!!
I’ve finally done it!  A catch up with girlfriends is happening tomorrow night an can’t wait to hear all the goings on in their lives. It always seems like there is never enough time in the year for special outings with friends; I know for us Saturday and Sunday is all kids sport, parties and catch up on the household chores. By the time its the sun is setting I’m exhausted!!
When I look at all the amazing images on social media  from the Met Gala in New York last week, I’m filled with the urge to glam up much more than usual and get out of my jeans and tee uniform, to escape for a little while into the world of too much is never enough! 
The Dolce & Gabanna  peacock  feather embellished dress worn by Zoe Saldana is so beautiful, and  just one example from the Gala of how fashion is art, and we all should allow ourselves to be the canvas for an amazing  piece occasionally.

So, maybe the above is a little over the top for a catch up at a local inner city pub? Nevertheless I’m going to find a frock and style myself up a bit more (maybe a lot more) than normal. The trick in my opinion is to  and team with a few accessories to tame it down (just a little!!)


Denim jacket or shirt over a cocktail -ready frock, cool kicks and tee with your fabulous fun over the top jacket, sloppy joe over a satin full length slip, over  the top jewellery with bed hair and a tee, rip jeans with cocktail ready top… So many style icons do this look all the time and pull it off perfectly! The look may not be polished, but quirky is the world we live in! has new styles that have just been added for a little more  glam in your life, keep scrolling for pieces we think pair together for your next long overdue catch up! All so luxe and all so affordable!




LA Vintage Dress

Vintage Levi Strauss Jacket

Vintage Versace

Blank Denim NY

Breetex Vintage

Frame Denim

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