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Tis the season to PARTY!!! I’ve already started compiling my holiday Spotify playlists, and have just found out that we’re hosting Christmas Day at our place!! (No pressure!!)
Since at we’ve been madly listing designer frocks in anticipation of all your social outings, I became curious as to when in history this iconic wardrobe staple appeared!!
Dresses have been a creation since almost the start of the human race!! They made their entrance to history as far back as when humans began to live with one another in community style groups. Once these social groups became defined by categories such as culture, language & arts, the importance of the frock & one’s identity came to the forefront. It defined communities, cities & countries.
It was the end of the 19th century when styles and trends really started to emerge. First lightweight & simple, then decades later the silhouette became more ‘puffy’ & dramatic, even adding the dreaded metal frame & girdle that at times totally deformed one’s body organs.
With the evolution of the dress came a number of clothing inventions. Elastic in 1820, the safety pin in 1849, in 1882 the electric iron & finally in 1893  the humble zipper came to be. As you can imagine these inventions paved the way for how we dress today.
Finally in 1925 a revolution in the way we chose to dress occurred. We ditched the longer hemline to knee-length frocks. Yes it was scandalous, but praise Jesus this style movement happened!! It established what women wanted- having the right to show a little leg. Religion & men’s stuffy opinions on what was considered ‘decent’ was weighing down any kind of style progression! Today we have every style to choose from! Boho, maxi, midi, shifts, a-line, bodycon, whatever your style there’s something for everyone!
If you’re looking to take your next frock purchase plunge at keep scrolling for some superb new party additions that lit my face up when listing this week!!  Remember we have 20% off at the moment for our 3rd Birthday! Just use the code THREEYEARS at checkout!
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