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Everyone who buys, wears & shares something now is contributing in their own way to our style future!!
On the weekend I caught a fascinating story on BBC Worlds CLICK show all about how AI technology is shaping future fashion trends.
The world of fashion is traditionally driven by fashion brands dictating what trends we will be shopping for season to season. Now it’s all done by stats, so its now not brand centric but consumer centric!
Fashion and technology don't always appear in the same sentence. But as artificial intelligence makes its way through different sectors, future fashion trends won't remain immune to its effects. AI may not only determine what you wear, but also pick out your clothes for you.
With data captured from what people are clicking on-line they can now trend analyse shopping habits from social media clicks, clothing sizes purchased, colour, the combination of styled items liked & from this data they know what we the people actually want to buy!
I suppose it’s just the next step from what we see now on-line.  When you shop on Amazon or other online retailers, you often see recommended items, or other items you might like. This is no different, just digging a little further.
The benefits with this kind of technology include cutting down on the global waste from the fashion industry, which is really under scrutiny right now, and potentially free up the creativity of designers to create new styles based on the data to make their ranges even more successful!
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