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Scrolling thru my insta feed last week I was stopped in my tracks by a post from Sarah Jessica Parker.  Her post, seen by over 7 million people on that day alone, announced the much rumoured Sex And The City new series was going to happen in 2021 after a 23 year hiatus!!
SJP confirmed the new series would be titled  'And Just Like That',and the internet exploded with comments, theories, views and opinions. As  a landmark and often controversial show, Sex And The City broke much new ground when originally airing and already this new series is creating controversy of it’s own, even without hitting the screens.
There has been quite a bit of backlash asking if this is really something we need right now. Will it be tonally correct with what is happening in the world today today? Is it possible to make what was once a taboo busting show about the nocturnal lives of these chic ladies as cool as it was in 1998? People are asking if COVID-19, MeToo and Black Lives Matter will exist beyond a bad pun?  Will on-line dating be a massive focus? Will they continue their trail-blazing scripts for a whole new generation?
Personally, I am betting the writers will do us all proud with how this instalment is handled in both a social, comical and of course fashion sense. The writing in the original series was so ahead of its time. One commentator wrote ‘if they If they get it right then this could do what the original did for TV in the 1990’s’.
One aspect I am already disappointed in however is that Kim Catrall’s “much loved” character Samantha will not be a part of the new series due to the real life fallout between Kim & SJP.  Beyond this the trailer doesn’t give away too much as to the direction of the storyline, but whatever it is I’ll be watching!
Here’s to a shining beacon of fun that we need in 2021!! However it turns out, one things for sure- I’ll be checking out their impressive and designer-filled wardrobes (hopefully Patricia Field is back!), their strongest of female friendships and fascinating love and sex lives!
Keep scrolling for a peek of this week’s designer new additions, just add to cart and ‘JUST LIKE THAT’ it’s yours!
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