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It’s great to be back for another year with
Although 2020 was a tough year (yes this is an understatement) I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the continued support I’ve received from both customer and client alike. Without aceyacey’s fabulous tribe we wouldn’t be here to provide all your preloved shopping needs, and not only are you supporting a small business but you are also helping alleviate fashion waste through recycling.
A friend sent me an extremely compelling and alarming article she found on the @financialreview insta over the holiday break with the latest figures on the environmental toll that textile waste is having on the globe. It’s an issue that needs addressing now and the first step is for everyone to rethink our reliance on clothing bins and move towards a more sustainable slower fashion cycle.
Each year, the average Australian purchases 27kg of clothing and disposes of 23kg to landfill,” wrote the Standing Committee on Industry, Innovation, Science and Resources in From Rubbish to Resources: Building a Circular Economy, published in December.
Drawing on data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the committee also found that textile waste has the lowest recovery rate of all waste types, with 87.5 per cent going to landfill.
Apparently, our appetite for apparel seems to be increasing. Australians buy 60 per cent more items of clothing than 15 years ago and keep them for half as long,” the committee wrote. Many of those items are made from polyester or polycotton, which can take centuries to decompose.
Since starting 6 years ago, on average we up-cycle approximately 50 + designer & vintage clothing items A WEEK, times that by 52 then 6 for quite an impressive number!!  I’m so proud that we are doing our small bit as a community to ease fashion waste!!
Is 2021 your year to buy only recycled?? Keep scrolling for some new additions I know will look ace hanging in your wardrobe!
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