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My youngest son, Jed has been my shopping companion since he was able to walk; we are always out and about looking for rare finds and he especially loves a weekend market, trawling the stalls for a Bape, Off White or Kenzo bargain. Usually on these outings he loves a chat about pop culture be it music or art and recently he had a great fact about Freddie Mercury & David Bowie that sparked this week’s blast out.
‘Mum’ as he usually says in a pensive way when musing on something, 'did you know that Freddie Mercury & David Bowie met each other way before they were famous? Apparently, Freddie had a market stall at Kensington Market & Bowie was after a pair of boots and Freddie fitted him out!!’ I thought this was such a great trivia fact that I had to share.  That’s some cool boots!
As avid preloved fashion shoppers, do you ever wonder about the wardrobes your much loved clothing pieces have hung in, or whom else has walked in your shoes? This is one aspect of shopping recycled that I relish in! Of course we all speak of the environmental & ethical aspects of shopping this way, but what about the joy of knowing that your outfit for the weekend gave some else as much pleasure before you? I suppose it’s much the same as wearing an outfit that you collectively bought in Paris, New York & Texas, just the locations are peoples homes not destinations!!!
Celebrities such as Khalid, the Kardashians & Victoria Beckham auction off their envy inducing wardrobes regularly on various preloved clothing sites especially in the USA, and people go into a click-frenzy to get a piece from their fav icon to call their own. I applaud them for helping with the awareness of shopping recycled and making it a mainstream, acceptable & fun way to shop!!
At we sell for both celebrities & fashionista’s whom love the landscape of recycled clothing. We visit clients regularly to source amazing new fashion finds for our loyal shoppers. Keep scrolling for a taste of this weeks new additions!!
Shop smart, shop preloved!!
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