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With places to go and people to see over the final months of 2022, now is the time to shop for the new season wherever in the world you call home!
Whether kissing winter goodbye, or getting ready to embrace the colder months, it’s good to start thinking about your new season wardrobe and what it looks like.
A lesson thru the trends presented at the Spring Summer shows in Europe a month ago was fashion has gone loud, bright and showy! As influential as runway shows have been and indeed still are, trends these days are not solely born from them. There is clear direction coming from Gen Z and their social media platform of choice-TikTok-to be seen across the shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Gen Z's influence on the designers for what the ‘people want’ if they want to sell their latest collection is very evident.
Youth is still currency in fashion circles but not necessarily in the same way as before: You don't have to be young to be hip, but you sure as hell can steal the outfit ideas and reference points of a younger generation. Nineties, noughties and even the 2010s have been plundered for inspiration, with many looks echoing the fashion choices shared across all social media platforms. I mean, I even saw that thin eyebrows were back this season…Younger readers take note- DO NOT PLUCK YOUR BROWS TO OBLIVION, they never grow back the same…
If you’re needing some new season wardrobe additions has everything you need!! Summer, Spring, snow, we have all your fashion essentials. Remember shopping preloved designer fashion is the future. We need to mix up our shopping and save beautiful fashion pieces from landfill. 
There’s a bunch of new additions on the site, so get shopping!!
By Malene Birger
Yves Saint Laurent VTG

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