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How cool is Brad Pitt at the mo! I don’t often talk about being influenced by a male’s inspiring aesthetic in my blogs, but hell I’ll mix it up as well!!
You must have seen Brad mixing it up on  the red carpet over the past month promoting his new movie Bullet Train, and what fun he is having with his style. 
I’m loving his attitude to fashion & not being held to the traditional wardrobe boundaries of how people think ‘Brad’ should look and has ditched the tux & is wearing effortless, colourful tailoring in a modern way. For the films photo call in London, he wore a hunter green suit with slip-on sneakers, and in Paris, a peach linen suit—a tricky hue to pull off. With his latest venture into color-blocking, its safe to say Pitt is in his most fun fashion era to date.
Being risky own the red carpet is not a new thing, but I love Brad’s attitude when questioned on his ‘style transformation’.  He shared why he's now willing to push the fashion envelope further than ever before. ‘We’re all going to die, so let’s mess it up,’ he told Variety when asked why he chose a skirt to wear on the red carpet in Berlin.
If Brad can take risks so can everyone! There’s nothing more refreshing than seeing someone’s personal style have a whole new take on something. What have we got to lose, having some fun with our day to day wardrobe??
Have you been inspired by Brad like me?? Is it time to get a few new pieces in your wardrobe to mix it up a bit?? At,au we can definitely help with that! Keep scrolling for a few picks from me that will make any outfit super fun!!
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Mix it up!
I’d like to pay my respects to the beautiful Dame Olivia Newton-John whom sadly passed this week after her 30 year battle with cancer. 
When I saw Xanadu as a young girl on the big screen she rocked my world. After loosing Mum 3 years ago to cancer I’m all too aware of the suffering and unfairness of the disease. I am so grateful to Dame Olivia and her vision on making the world cancer free & her lifelong investment into cancer research. I have so much respect for her bravery and battle with the disease.
Dame Olivia-Newton John was truly awe-inspiring.
Rest in peace.
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