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‘Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party where everyone you see is someone you like’
At the change of any season I see it as a time of reflection of where I’m at in the year, and usually full of enthusiasm and optimism for what lies ahead. Of course like most people I have to say that when winter is bearing down upon me optimism can very nearly turn to dread…but here in Australia we’re through it, and Spring has well and truly sprung!!
With Spring now here it’s time to start thinking about frocks!!! It’s such a great thing that we can actually wear the clothes we've been dreaming about all winter long!!  No more worrying that we’ll get frostbite whilst trying to be fashion forward in the trends we’ve been envying from all the OS summer socials’ sharing.
A major event coming up of course is the Spring Carnival. It’s time to take a look at your cocktail and garden party frocks currently in your wardrobes (if you have any!), and think whether you want to update your look for the 2016 season.
At we’ve had a massive injection of event ready frocks to get you through race day lunches all the way to the distant future Chrissy Party soirees. (sorry I know it is a little early to mention the latter…). 
Keep scrolling to see a selection of our fav’s. All at fantastic prices just waiting for a new closet to hang in!!
PS: Have a read of the fantastic article my lovely client Mia Freedman recently posted about the biz

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