R.I.P 2016

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‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring’! David Bowie
Now that we’re five days in to 2017 I’ve been reflecting on the last twelve months, and there’s no denying it- 2016 was a challenging year full of twists and turns. We lost some of music’s best like legends David Bowie, Prince & Sharon Jones, and George Michael just last week! Amazing actors such as Gene Wilder & Alan Rickman, Trump won the election & Kanye had a breakdown. Global warming is still on the increase and terror around the world more prevalent than ever- YIKES!
It’s essential for us all to acknowledge the goodness that does occur in our world, and celebrate the milestones when they happen. Recognising forward-thinking moves, even small ones, reminds us what we’re striving toward in every aspect of our lives.
A personal triumph of my own in 2016 was taking real strides in the on-line retail space, and November marked one year since launch. With sustainable style gaining more and more awareness and support from people all over the globe, we are so excited to bring you more and more preloved designer and vintage fashion in 2017. 
Remember as well to get in touch on our ‘Contact Us’ section of the site if you’d like to up-cycle some items in your wardrobes. 
New stock is hitting the site in two weeks, in the meantime, here’s a few pieces we think are just ACE to add to cart now!!!

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