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Just gone, Fashion Week ‘Aussie style’ kept us entertained on so many levels this year.  From some of the leading Australian designers and their runway shows such as Romance Is Born, AJE, and Bianca Spender to the fashion Influencers flooding the foyers for the photo ops, showing off their own fashion statements (and somewhat overall importance and perhaps relevance) to positive stances on recycling and pre loved Fashion (Yes is the OG!) to leading the way on inclusiveness and bodyshape, which tells me we are all heading in the right direction! 
All this to one side for the moment what I adore the MOST is what people are wearing on the pavements. Street style has an air of accessibility that we find ourselves coming back to again and again and with the magic of social media some collections are instantly available to shop off the runway so you end up with a fantastical mash of fashion humming around any of these events with people interpreting there and then how these new designs and pieces should fit together and be worn.  
This is where the creativity of influencers, creators and us normal folk can really shine through. People even looked amazing when drenched after being caught in a rain shower on the way to the event!!!
As I also touched on at the start, a win for was the inclusion of PRELOVED in the parades! We all know that the fashion industry is one that is slowly taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint in all facets from production to your wardrobe, and to highlight the circular shopping movement was a definite change in attitude from the organisers!
Key trends I picked up on?? Oversized suiting (think Bieber on the GRAMMY’s red carpet this year, knee-length boots, low rise waists (eek) and maxi skirts are out in full force.
Now find below some picks of some of my fav looks Not entirely sure who these people are but their style slaps! These are all things that you might wear in everyday life.

Feeling inspired? Keep scrolling for a snippet of this week’s new additions preloved designer & fabulous!!


Viktoria & Woods


Marco De Vincenzo


Victoria Beckham

Incu Collection

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