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I was recently shaken out of my life-daydream when I heard that one of my all-time fav cult movies, E.T was made 40 years ago this week! I mean WTF!! 
The magic of Steven Spielberg made this film both ahead of its time and timeless all at once, but life seems to be flying by. Not only did my ‘baby’ Jed, turn 15 last week, but my fav movie as a kid is now considered a classic??  I double-down on saying WTF!
With how fast-paced life is today, it just makes me think we need to stop, take stock, celebrate 
life on this planet, the milestones like birthdays, weddings, births, and sadly also remember those who have left us & reflect on the special times. And of course, it is only a small part of those big moments in life but I also look back at something I wore ‘that day’ and it often brings back the memories, makes me smile or sometimes feel a little sentimental so I always try to chose carefully and put a outfit together that will help the moment stand out for me.
Helping do that for you is part of the mission and this week we’ve been madly adding a diverse and stunning array of preloved designer pieces, all in perfect condition, waiting for their new owner! Keep scrolling for a few of my fav choices.
Take the stage at your next celebration!
BTW I’ve been keenly keeping an eye on this year’s addition Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and break down the new trends that I love & to try them out in next week’s blog!

One more side note, how amazing was the price reached for Any Warhols ‘Shot Sage Blue Marilyn’ at Christie’s this week for $281 Million AU!! This makes it most expensive piece of 20th-century art sold EVER!!




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