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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.’- BERNARD SHAW
The past week has been one of music, dinners & friendships! I love a week full of twists and turns and unexpected surprises! One such surprise was a close friend in town inviting me to see a matinee of  the Sydney Theatre Company’s latest play ‘Saint Joan’.
Yes the subject matter to the sceptics is somewhat historically heavy, but the STC adaptation of the play based on Bernard Shaw’s classic is somewhat uplifting with it’s sentiment of female empowerment & the naivety of the government, army & church in the 15th century when dealing with the trial of the female heroine Joan Of Arc. It’s a fascinating glimpse at the past and one I had not paid too much attention to in Catholic school as a child.
When doing a bit of on-line research into the Saint Joan I was reminded of the brilliance of Bernard Shaw & the literary classics he has written. The quote from Mr Shaw I found ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself’ is the perfect antidote to leading our life. As the years pass in an era obsessed with ageing & status it’s a real wake up to the fact that (to use that annoying line) life really is a journey & your age is really just a number to be proud of as opposed to covering up!!
I know in recent times I’ve been writing about conversations with friends & the hot topic with most is how we are changing with time- & at times loosing our way with our identity either in a work, social or fashion sense. Now my antidote in such convo’s is going to be ‘So What’! Let’s try not take ourselves so seriously!! I bet the minute you start caring a bit less about the things you’re obsessed with, a whole new clarity about your identity will unfold before your eyes!! So what if you're not quite where you think you should be in your life? So what if you don’t look quite right in your fav outfit anymore? So what if you've a few more smile lines that last month! Even typing  this I feel lighter & full of inner strength!!
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