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Are you someone who is getting over her fav ‘best-self’ outfits?? Outfits that you know you can rock at a myriad of occasions, and feel safe in the knowledge that you have a backup when planning your next outing? I know that I have a few of these so called ‘looks’ that in times past definitely helped me out of some outfit holes BUT I’ve realised I’m over them and need to move to a new horizon!!
I’m not finding getting dressed an impossible task; like anyone on the planet I feel like I’m undergoing a state of personal change and just need some new pieces to work into my weekly no-brainer outfit roster for day and night!!
Anyone can vouch the fact that finding your personal style can be hard to pin down at times. When you get it right for yourself you will spend the day feeling like the best version of yourself. This is not being shallow and materialistic by any means –personally this is about the undeniable relationship between what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling; you gotta feel like you can take on the world when you leave your front door!
When planning your next look make sure you check out! With so much fashion waste in the world, there’s no better feeling than getting that amazing designer preloved piece delivered that we guarantee will not only be unique, it’s authentic & you’ll treasure it for years to come!!! Keep scrolling for a few of our new favs to hit the store this week. We’ve extended our 15% of sale for one more week!!!! Just use the code BESTSELF at checkout!
Feel fantastic- you’re worth it!!!
Isabel Marant Etoile
Moss & Spy
Ranotto Vintage
Manning Cartell

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