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‘I look around leaves are brown & the sky is a hazy shade of winter’ The Bangles
Well today in the Southern Hemisphere is the first day of Winter!! We have quite a few months of the chill ahead, and yes maybe in most parts of Oz there’s not the snow on the ground like the lyrics from The Bangles 1987 hit, but it still gets damn cold!!! I have close friends in Canberra and you’d swear the temps they speak about daily would have to have been brought on by a blizzard!!
With the exception of dawn getting out of bed at 5.30am in the freezing dark to pound the pavement on my daily run to clear my head, I must say I do love the break from the warmth and all it brings. Winter means life takes a different turn in how we socialise. BBQ’s by the beach turn into cosy comfort pub lunches by the fire, dinner parties happen far more frequently as we’re all less inclined to be out and about, more time to go to the flicks & for me anyway my ugg boots become a staple (indoors only most of the time…)
Of course Winter means you need to rug up and many friends are feeling so un-inspired with their current wardrobe choices for the new season. Let face it -as the years pass your fashion identity changes with you. Thinking in a more ethical sense when looking for the new exciting pop for your closet? At we’ve been adding an amazing array of Winter goodness for your wardrobes. Coats, jumpers, jeans, dresses, everything!  If you’re having a wardrobe block we have amazing fashion solutions for every wardrobe and budget, keep scrolling for a few of our current fav’s!

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