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This year I'm not going to do my 'we're so special' rant about Mothers Day!! We all know how amazing we are as female humans, and are well aware of the highs & lows of motherhood & what we bring to the table. 
As a mother of two boys I know I share a common ground with mother’s across the globe from all society’s & cultures. Fundamentally we all want our kids to flourish into the best possible people they can be, and  we understand the joys but also sacrifices on our part that goes into ‘growing’ our beloved little beings. Within all of this we need to look at our own needs and ambitions which need to grow as well.
Mutual respect with the kids is a major factor in my parenting, and it’s so important not only for your own self-esteem, but knowing that you’re seen in a positive light by them makes me smile :)  I’m constantly telling the kids that ‘I was a person before I was a mother!!’ to remind them that I’m only human like them & have flaws but also great depth of character(I hope) when it comes to what’s best for them when being challenged!!!
Of course they also appreciate my obsession with fashion! Since opening post my music television career they love that I’ve turned my passion into a change of career, and that’s the goal in life right, to love what you do!
With Mother’s Day only 3 sleeps away, hopefully you’ve found the perfect something for your special female in your life, if not keep scrolling for a sample of what’s new in store this week!  It may be too late to get for Sunday, but when they receive something so amazing from they won’t mind the tardiness I promise!! Or better still, TREAT YO SELF!!
PS: Happy Mother’s Day to my mum xxxx
Roberto Cavalli
Ports 1961
American Vintage

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