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So this week I’ve been having a play with my usual go-to fashion styles, daring to be a bit more fanciful in my approach to the art of day to day dressing! I love a print & adore a bit of colour, but more often than not won’t style the two together unless at a music festival or somewhere that thinking out of the square is the norm!
I’m not intimidated by the idea of standing out in the crowd, in fact I rather like it (as long as it’s for the right reason ;)) & if there’s anything I’ve learnt after years & years of being in the fashion & music TV industries is that everyone has a different take on style, and that’s a fabulous thing!! Blandness is a depressing feeling and one I run from.
In truth the craft of being well dressed is being true to you, not what you think you should be. Feeling a little wild? Confront that emotion head on in an outfit to match the mood!! Feeling a little low? Bling up with some colour to get your fire going!!
One of the many bonuses I have of being the owner of is getting to know so many amazing wonderful women & exploring their own style journey. More often than not I dissect their life’s style journey when recycling their wardrobe to get an understanding of what should stay hanging & what should come to the store. It’s made me even more open to changing things up style-wise ! All their chosen pieces are amazing, but they’ve either never worn (impulse buy), or just changing with time.
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