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When getting dressed on the weekend for a birthday soiree my imagination was fixated on wearing something not too subtle, but more a mish mash of colour and patterns. When you find the right prints to ‘clash’ it really feels like a wardrobe win! It’s so surprising when you team two completely different patterns that create a synergy like they were made to be worn that way!
We’re so lucky to have so many patterns to choose from when getting dressed daily. Animal print is the new black and forever chic & timeless, and season after season fantastic new ideas in florals, stripes, paisley’s and whatever else takes your fancy surface to give us new choices in how we can execute the ‘clash’ with success! Sure you can just go for the one print style solo, but why not give mixing things up a go? Let’s celebrate diversity!!
Printed fabric came to fruition for the Western world  in the early 1700s when Europeans fell in love with imported  ‘chintz’ style prints from India. The floral & fauna inspired hand painted or dyed fabrics captured the West’s imagination, and from there Europe perfected it’s own fabric printing business successfully & by the 1800’s  importing from the East was a  thing of the past. Europe was officially print crazy!
Ready to look like a printed knockout for some of your upcoming outings? As previously mentioned we are scrambling to add all the amazing items just sourced for Keep scrolling for some steadfast print inspiration currently on offer in the boutique!
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