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How’s everyone been past few weeks of 2024?? I can’t believe its already the 18th Jan! I’ve had a super busy past week but its been fun. My son Jed made the NSW Basketball State Squad for under 18s so I spent three days watching him play. Plus a few bonus dinners out with friends and presto here we are today!
Eat. Sleep. Dress. Repeat. While passing time daydreaming between basketball games, I was thinking to myself what the calculation would be of outfits we wear in a year…I’m not great at maths- but I know that will add up to be a lot of wardrobe changes!. Every day there is a work-out outfit, day ‘look’, and if going out to a gig or dinner thats another one right there. A typical week could mean at least 21 different ensembles!!! Times that by a year and my god that is a lot of outfits to put together. I don’t even want to think about how many in a lifetime!!
When breaking down what you wear this way, it really shows how important it is to shop smart when looking for that new item. I’m not talking about the ‘Girl Math’ TikTok trend to justify spending money. I’m talking about investing in quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Think of your wardrobe as a ‘considered’ capsule selection, where you know you you have go-to pieces that are trendless, timeless.
A little planning with what you buy will also cut down on the ever growing fashion waste that plagues the textile industry. So shop with me at!! Preloved designer at amazing prices!
Check out what’s new in store this week :) Keep scrolling for some key pieces just in that will help make your wardrobe sing!
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