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I can’t believe there’s only three more sleeps til Xmas Day!!! Hopefully you all are spending time with beloved friends and family- eating drinking and being very merry!
If you’re organised you won’t be going through the last minute stress of ‘I actually don’t know what to get them’, or still haven’t decided the order of proceedings for your Christmas celebrations.
This year Christmas Day is happening at my place. We literally moved back after a long reno last week (plus I have a fabulous new office), and in the excitement of having a fresh new pad we let the twenty or so family members know that we would love to host lunch this year- WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!! 
A guaranteed way for me to steer myself through anything challenging in my life is music, so I’ve turned my attention to the all-important Chrissy playlist . I’m sure it will polarise family members on the day- Mum and Dad probably have the view that post 70’s Chrissy themed tracks have gone downhill. When I compare Bing Crosby to Mariah Carey I kinda get where they’re coming from!!
My playlist is going to be classic not cheesy with a few sprinkles of jukebox jingles. A few that pop to mind:
Merry Christmas (War Is Over) By John Lennon
Last Christmas by Wham!
On Hold by The XX (I’m just loving this new track so that will get a run)
Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl
Anything David Bowie- including his version of Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby
Anything U2 from ‘Under A Blood Red Sky’ or ‘War
Well, I still have a few more tracks to program but you get the picture!!
If you find yourself with some Chrissy cash to burn will be express posting til the 30th December before we go on break for a couple of weeks. Just use the code XMAS at checkout to get your goodies expressed domestically FREE!!!
Wishing you all Peace, love and joy for your holidays 
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