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The other day I was thinking how lucky I am to have a fantastic dry-cleaner & tailor in the hood, a lovely husband & wife team who are not just passionate about the care of clothes, but also a font of information. I’m always picking their brain absorbing trivia about everything to do with the care of my favourite clothes.
Last week I took in one of my own vintage beaded sundresses for dry-cleaning. The dress is divine with sprinkles of glass beading all over, however upon dropping this off I was shocked to learn that I was running the risk of the beads melting!! Apparently the dry-cleaning solution can be too strong and depending on the quality of the beading used your treasure will come back sans embellishment!! Only a few labels avoid this problem with one being Camilla, but you should always ask this question before dropping in you next beaded beauty.
Other tips & tricks I’ve learnt along the way from these clothing superhero’s are here to share, so  keep this blog handy for the next time some of your designer & vintage gems are on your to-do list for a spritz, it will save you some Dr Google time or worse!
Rewash stains before you iron - It’s important to make sure that any marks are gone, if not an iron can lock a stain in. If in doubt rewash!!
Iron with water- It’s much easier to iron an item when still a little damp. If dry, spray with a little mist, it’s heaps easier and better for the fabric. Even when you have a clean shirt that has become crinkled post dry cleaner apply this same rule!
Never tumble dry- It’s far better for your treasured pieces to hang on hangers than tumble dry. Make sure your items are hung properly so that they don’t go out of shape.
Folding T-shirts keeps them fluffy, don’t hang them!!
Turn your jeans inside out when you absolutely have to give them a wash. It’s better to hardly wash your jeans, but if you must, inside out protects the colour.
To remove collar stains- To remove rings around shirt collars, rub liquid laundry detergent into the stain or collect soap bits in a mesh bag and rub into the affected area. Wash as usual.
I hope this clothing trivia helps you lovely folk as well with your wardrobes wellness! If you’re needing some new designer & vintage gold shop now @aceyaceyeboutique! Amazing preloved celebrity & fashionista gems that have had top care looking for a new home!!
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